Domestic Sewage Treatment Plants

A Sewage Treatment Plant provides a modern alternative to a septic tank system and will reduce the polluting load in the wastewater.

If you are in need of a sewage solution and are unsure of the right system for your domestic or commercial property, we at Water and Drainage Services are here to help. We offer a range of Package Sewage Treatment Plants and will help you choose exactly the right one to suit your needs.

Sewage Treatment Plants (STP) come in various sizes ranging from 6 - 200+ persons covering domestic and commercial uses.

Benefits of the STP are:

  • Minimal visual impact with the quiet and odourless operation.
  • Low maintenance cost, offering long term savings.
  • The option of gravity or pumped outlet
  • Clean environmental discharge

Commercial Sewage Treatment Plants

Where extra large properties are involved, a communal group-owned or shared systems servicing multiple properties are concerned, then a Commercial grade system is the best solution.

For instance, Premier Tech Aqua’s Conder SAF Package Sewage Treatment Plant is the perfect solution for small and large scale projects, where a population range exceeds 25 and mains drainage is unavailable.

From housing developments and other small scale projects right up to larger commercial applications including caravan parks, leisure facilities, hotels, schools, offices and industrial situations, the plant will serve a population from 30 - 600 PE as a single stream unit. Larger populations can be accommodated with

multiple stream plants.

Our installation of a SAF 200 plant  at the prestigious Deer Park Hotel, Nr Honiton, Devon was featured in Building and Facilities Management magazine for its cost-saving and environmental performance, the article can be read on this link

Benefits felt by the Deer Park Hotel Project were:

  • A saving of £20,000 per year over mains connection disposal costs.
  • Low maintenance cost, offering long term savings.
  • Clean environmental discharge producing all effluent at a higher standard than that required by the Environment Agency.

Septic Tanks

Do you have a bad smell, or wet patches appearing at the bottom of the garden, then this could be a sign that your septic tank is experiencing problems, luckily, these have been around for a long time and it just happens to be one of our specialist subjects.

It may be that the soakaway is blocked, we can offer High-Pressure Water Jetting or maybe root cutting is required. In some cases, the soakaway has become saturated, due to a number of reasons, not large enough? Poor percolation or high water table?  Contact us for an inspection and we will get to the root of your issue promptly.

Should you be selling or buying a property fitted with a septic tank, as of 2015 the rule has changed and house sales are now subject to the General Binding Rules.  These are a set of directives and guidelines issued by the government, in association with DEFRA and the environment agency to reduce the environmental impact of ageing and inadequate septic systems.  This subject has been given a page of its own on your site.  Follow this link to the General Bunding Rules page.

If you are looking at a property with a septic tank or STP fitted, we offer a house buying system survey to give you peace of mind about your investment.  Follow this link, or scroll down to the CCTV Survey section.

New Foul Mains Connections

Do you need a new connection to the main sewer?  No Problem.

There are many reasons for a new connection. Maybe you have a new property being built, or an existing property that is now in the proximity of a new public sewer. 

Whatever your scenario, we can:

  • Advise and design.
  • Liaise with highways agencies, councils and South West Water.
  • Arrange for permits, licencing and traffic management and road closures.

Then carry out the installation ourselves and complete it with an adoption from the relevant agencies, leaving you with a trouble and stress-free connection.

There are some occasions where a gravity connection is not possible due to the elevation of the local public sewer, we can get around this issue by installing a pumping chamber, that can take the effluent from your property, and pump it via a new line uphill and over a considerable distance to reach the public main.


Blocked Drains

Why is my drain blocked?

A blocked drain is not a normal event for a serviceable system with proper use..  There are many reasons, but the main causes found are typical:

  • Root ingress from trees and shrubs.
  • Broken pipe sections.
  • Misuse or non-compostables like baby wipe and dental products.
  • FOG (Fat, Oil and Grease) buildup from kitchen waste.

Unblocking a drain can be as simple as pushing a set of rods down a pipe, more often high-pressure water jetting (HPWJ) can be used to break up and disperse a soft blockage or a build-up of grease and fat.

We always carry the CCTV equipment in the vans, so if there is an underlying problem, for instance, a broken pipe or root ingress, we can if required usually identify the problem immediately and give you the best advice.

Pipeline Repairs

Once a problematic pipeline has been freed of a blockage and cleaned with the HPWJ, a CCTV investigation can be done to establish the cause of the blockages.

When you already have an established garden and beautiful landscaping that's cost you a fortune, the last thing you want is someone digging it all up and leaving you with a mess.

Drain relining provides a quick, cost-effective and permanent rehabilitation of pipes under driveways, pipes buried well beneath your landscaping, and hard to get at pipes within buildings (eg inner-city terraces and apartment blocks)

Broken and cracked pipes can be relined with a GRP liner.  This is inserted into pipeline, positioned and set in place bridging the damaged area.

Collapsed lines will need to be excavated to be replaced, and if you're suffering from root ingress, then an excavation will also be required to remove the root mass from the outside of the pipe.


High-Pressure Watter Jetting (HPWJ) is a process of utilising water compressed under phenomenal pressure, that is then discharged directly into the drain via a long flexible hose to clean and clear the pipe from the inside.

Water and Drainage services have two permanently equipped mobile Jetting vans amongst its vehicle fleet.  Both units are capable of jetting pipelines up to 100 meters in length.  We can clean your drains of silt, rubbish, concrete grout and tree roots by using high pressure jetting units along with a variety of jetting attachments (heads).

The heads have varied jet configurations and flow rates allowing us to carry out the following:

  • Flush silt and debris from the pipeline.
  • Remove soft and solid blockages.
  • To strip grease and fat from the pipe wall.
  • To flush foreign objects from the drain.
  • To clean drains prior to CCTV inspection.
  • To de-scale pipelines.
  • To root-cut pipelines.


Domestic Surveys

Whether you're buying a home, or already living you your castle it's nice to know what's going on underground.

Using our CCTV equipment we can offer you a range of services:

  • QUICK LOOK - We can attend an give you a quick look at a specific problem or query you may have. You can watch our work and see the problem with your own eyes, ask for our advice and get a quote for any rehabilitation that needs to be done.

  • DOMESTIC HOUSE SURVEY - We will attend and provide a fully recorded and documented survey of your properties drainage (either a full site or your specific area of interest).  Shortly after you will receive a Documented Condition Report highlighting any cause for concern, including location plans of your services including ownership details.

  • PRIVATE DRAINAGE HOMEBUYERS SURVEY - As above with the addition of a check of the performance criteria of the Septic Tank/Treatment Plant that is currently installed, and offer our feedback with specifics to the General Binding Rules which now affect house sales and private drainage

Commercial Site Survey

Similar to our domestic survey, the commercial survey is designed for larger sites.  The survey will be heavily customised for your requirements, either including or removing aspects of the work carried out so that you are paying for the information you are specifically after.

Site plans will be produced to your specification and either supplied digitally or physically on paper at sizes up to A0.

While every effort is taken to minimise any disruption to your operations, we fully understand that some areas that are heavily trafficked may require investigations at quieter times or out of standard working yours.  Water and Drainage services, with arrangement, can attend out of standard hours and conduct this work.



Water leaks are not only an expensive waste of water but can also cause untold damage to gardens, paving and your house's foundations.  Whether you have a suspicion of a leak, an obvious wet spot outside or a glorious, yet accidental fountain appearing on your property, we can help. 

If you have accidentally damaged a water pipe with an excavation in your garden ring us immediately and we can arrange a response.  If you have a suspicion of a leak, high water meter readings, maybe a soft or wet spot on the property we can attend and investigate, locating your issue and rectifying it in a swift and timely manner.

Symptoms of a water leak could be any of the following

  • Higher than normal meter readings.
  • A "runaway" meter, where it is spinning when you are not drawing water.
  • A soft spot developing around the line of the pipe.
  • Obvious water emerging from the ground where it shouldn't be.
  • Grass or Plants growing extremely well in a very localised area.


Whether you have a mains water or a private water supply, Water and Drainage Services can facilitate any new connections you wish from domestic properties to caravan sites, we have done it all.

If you have a need for a new supply, or maybe your current supply is slow or a lack of pressure, please contact us and we can offer assistance.

Recently we completed the replacement of a private water supply to a group or rural properties.  These properties were fed from a spring on the property.  The existing system dated back to the 1900s.

We replaced the mainline from the spring head, installed a replacement 10,000-litre storage tank, and replaced the 100 meter mainline back to the properties.

This resulted in cleaner water and pressure that hadn't been seen in years. 


The need to store water can be for many reasons.  You'll either be storing it to use or storing it to dispose of, Water and Drainage Services has seen it all and we can find a solution for you. 

Water you want to use:

  • Storage for private water supply
  • Storage of harvested water
  • Storage for agriculture bulk use

Water you want to dispose of:

  • Attenuated storage tanks to limit the release
  • Settlement tanks to separate contaminants from the liquid before discharge
  • Agricultural water retention
  • Contaminated fluids awaiting tanker collection

Whatever your storage needs, drop us a line and we will endeavour to help you deliver a solution.


Rainwater harvesting is the process of collecting, storing and then using rainwater as an alternative or complementary source to mains water. ... In its simplest form, a garden water butt is a complete domestic rainwater harvesting system, capturing and storing rainwater ready to be used in a domestic garden.

If you are a heavy water user, or you just want to do your part for the enviroment, we can supply, install and maintain water harvesters that will supply water to your toilets, garden taps and washing machines.

These are not only suited to domestic applications, if you have a large comercial application you could reduce your mains water intake significantly.

We can install both direct and indirect systems, leaising with your plumber of choice for the internal elements of the install.

Contact us now to start saving water.


Whether you have a smallholding, stables or large agriculture enterprise, we understand your need for a reliable and plentiful water supply for livestock watering and cleaning operations.

We can supply install and maintain:

  • Harvested water solutions
  • Water extraction solutions
  • Pumped mains
  • Gravity mains
  • Pump and Store
  • ResierioursWhole site water supplies to troughs and taps
  • Potable and non-potable supplies

If your animals need an upgrade, or you want to save on your mains water draw contact us and we would love to help.

Utility Trenching


Impact Moling is a technique which a mole is launched from a small excavation to form a bore through the ground. The new conduit or pipe is normally drawn in behind the mole or pulled back into the bore using a reverse action.

Applications for Impact Moling can be used for all small utility services i.e. water pipes, gas pipes, cables and ducts under roads, railways, driveways, gardens, trees, patio, existing structures and environmentally sensitive areas.

  • The underground working area is confined to points of entry and exit only.
  • No disruption to traffic.
  • Impact Moling is fast, efficient and in most cases low cost.
  • Ideal for working in soft clays and silts.
  • Minimum disruption to property.

If you have a sensitive application where moling may be an option, contact us for a free quote.

Utility and Service Trenching

Water and Drainage Services are fully equipt to install utilities and services in any domestic, commercial, agricultural and highway environment.

We regularly install ducting for electrical installations and telecommunications for existing and new customers including direct burial systems and ductwork for optical fibre applications.

One contract we acquired was to install ducting for fibre and communications at a prestigious rural venue in Devon.  The total dig was in excess of 800 meters along the line of the venues entrance driveway.  We were asked to perform this out of hours with no evidence of the works taking place to visiting guests.

We worked through several nights, cleaning up behind ourselves leaving no evidence of the work carried out, resulting in a very happy customer.

If you have a service ducting or burial project, no matter how big or small, drop us a line to see how we can successfully deliver a solution.



Stormwater is the water caused by rain, that lands on the grond and your roof ops.

Most houses built after the 1920's will probably have dedicated stormwater